How to get involved

Get involved with one of the world’s oldest movements against HIV and join the coalition of people worldwide raising awareness about HIV.

Find a memorial close to you

Participate in a memorial near to you, or support the coordinators of the memorial to organize the event. Learn about the HIV response in your community and help to create awareness around HIV and AIDS. Your support is essential to stop stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV and to help with the commemoration of the millions of people who passed away since the beginning of the HIV epidemic.


Organise a memorial yourself

Join the historic, diverse coalition of volunteers around the world as they plan local memorials. Coordinating organizations are a diverse coalition of community based groups and networks, which put a lot of energy and commitment into realizing the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial every year.

To register your local AIDS Candlelight Memorial, press 'Register now' and please fill out the registration form.