Community Coordinators

Community Coordinators

Community coordinators are a worldwide network of activists and professionals who plan and host memorials in their communities each year for the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial.

Community coordinators are often at the frontline of the HIV epidemic and represent a diverse coalition of community and national leaders. They include doctors, nurses, students, teachers, researchers, business people, government personnel, religious leaders and organizations as a whole. Some of these people are living with HIV, or otherwise personally affected by HIV.

People or organizations that register as Candlelight Coordinator become Community Coordinators. Your contact information will be posted on the Candlelight website so everyone can find your event and participate in it.

You can use the Candlelight Memorial Coordinator Manual for tips on how to organize a memorial event.In addition, you can request support from national and regional coordinators who are experienced coordinators.

Being a Community Coordinator, you are the most important part of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. It is a responsible task, and people will count on you. It is through your Memorial event that people have the opportunity to remember those lost to AIDS and take action for a brighter future.

Register here to become a Community Coordinator.