Candlelight Memorial 2016: Engage, Educate, Empower!

Candlelight Memorial 2016: Engage, Educate, Empower!

Sunday 15th of May 2016 is the 33rd International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. Register now and join organisations worldwide to raise HIV awareness and remember the friends and family we lost to AIDS with this year’s theme “Engage, Educate, Empower”.

When the AIDS Candlelight Memorial was held first in 1983, no-one could have predicted the scale of the global HIV epidemic. With millions of lives lost and around 37 million people currently living with HIV, HIV remains a challenging reality. While for some people HIV has become a chronic disease, many others lack access to treatment and experience HIV-related stigma, discrimination and human rights violations on a daily basis.

The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial reminds us of the impact that HIV still has on our lives. The Memorial emphasizes the need for people living with and affected by HIV to join hands and work together in the response to HIV. To engage people, communities, governments and donors in ending the epidemic. To educate the current and next generation about HIV, treatment, prevention and care, and how it affects our lives. To empower people living with HIV in all their diversity to stand up for their right to live a life free of stigma and discrimination. Only when involving people living with HIV can resources be used efficiently to provide a sustainable HIV response for universal access to quality health and social services.

To register your local AIDS Candlelight Memorial, click 'Register now'. After creating an account you will be able to administer the memorial events you are organizing.

You can now also download the poster, accompanying email banner and Community Coordinator guide from our Resources

The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is one of the world’s oldest and largest grassroots mobilisation campaigns for HIV awareness. The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial takes place every third Sunday in May. It is coordinated at the global level by the Global Network of People living with HIV (GNP+).